The LAxFunkers

The Lax Funkers are a band that exudes coolness and positivity wherever they go. With a unique blend of funk, soul, and disco, they bring the party to life with their energetic performances. The band consists of a disco party drummer who provides the heartbeat of the music, a funky but deep bassist who keeps the groove going, a percussionist who adds a touch of native flavor to the mix, a blind soulful keyboardist who brings emotion to the keyboard, a hyperactive guitarist who adds excitement to the music, and a healer singer who soothes the audience with their powerful voice. The Lax Funkers are always in motion and their music is a reflection of their contagious energy. Their concerts are a celebration of life and their music is a testament to the power of positivity. If you're looking for a cool and fun time, you can always count on The Lax Funkers to deliver.