Play With Music

Loops are a new way to Interact with Music.


Holding a Loop is Holding a piece of Music in your Hand.

inside it is a Repeating and Persistent sound pattern, It’s what 

makes it so Magical.


Place a Loop on a Spot and it will start Playing it’s Sound Pattern. Different Color Spots will Play  Different Variations.


Immerse Yourself in Play and Produce your own Music by Mixing Loops together on an 8 Spot Stage. 


These Collector Edition Vinyl Figurines are Minted in Limited quantities which makes each one of them Unique and Beautiful. 


Loops have their own Character – their own Style and Personality. Their Story evolves as they acquire new musical capabilities. 


The Musical Universe of Loops is ever Growing, displaying the work of more and more Musical Creators, Design Artists and Magicians. 

We Aspire to enable Cultural and Musical Participation.