Flaming Dragon women

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Dragosonic is a high-energy pop band that delivers a unique and dynamic sound. With a lineup that includes a talented group of performers, the band features the Flaming Dragowomen on the drums, who provides a powerful, hot and steady beat. The Samurai guitarist brings his sharp and precise sound, while the Silent Monk playing bells adds a sense of mystique and spirituality. The Panda on the bass provides a funky and groovy bassline that complements the rest of the band's sound, while the Sibirian ballet keyboardist adds a graceful and elegant chilling touch to the musicIn addition to the other talented members of Dragosonic, the band also features a unique and mysterious mythical Asian creature with three heads and multiple tails, known as the three-headed kitsune. This creature brings a tribal richness to the band's sound, using its many tails to stomp the floor.The three-headed kitsune's multiple heads also harmonize and add depth to the vocals, making for a truly captivating performance.